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Dive deep into the heart of the Amazon, where genuine adventure meets purposeful exploration.

Welcome to the Ultimate Jungle Adventure

Welcome to The Wildtales Inc., your gateway to the heart of the unspoiled Amazon rainforest. We are the premier provider of unforgettable jungle survival courses, expeditions, and wildlife tours in Guyana, South America. With us, you can learn to thrive in the wilderness, explore dense jungles, discover indigenous cultures, or get up close with unique wildlife.

Our immersive experiences are tailored to stir your adventurous spirit, sharpen your survival skills, and deepen your respect for nature’s wonders. Join us to unlock an adventure like no other, where wild calls and thrilling experiences await. Learn more about our trips and book now

Anders Brinn, Jungle Survival Expert in Guyana
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The Spirit of Adventure

Our adventures cater to inexperienced jungle enthusiasts and seasoned survivalists and explorers.

Our tours blend thrill, learning, and cultural immersion, providing an intimate experience with a vibrant life in the depths of the rainforest.

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The jungle sets our Jungle Adventures Apart

The serenity of the Amazon is broken only by the exotic sounds of wildlife, with species unseen in any zoo. It’s the essence of wildness that can only be experienced first-hand.

With our expertise, you’ll get to unveil Amazon’s secrets and feel the pulse of the jungle.

Curious about the Amazon's secrets?

Have questions? Embark on a pre-adventure chat and learn all about our trips. Get firsthand insights and answers directly from our founder, Anders.

Anders is here to guide you through every thrilling detail. Set up your time on Calendly now.

Sustainable Exploration

At The Wildtales Inc.,We believe in travel that serves not just us but also the environment. Our expeditions are carried out with the utmost respect for local communities, wildlife, and the entire ecosystem. Participating in our adventures means you’re contributing to conserving one of Earth’s last wilderness frontiers and the people living within.

Make your Mark on the Amazon

With The Wildtales Inc., you’re not just a tourist; you’re an adventurer making your mark in the wild, contributing to local communities, and advocating for the Amazon’s conservation.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

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Step into the wild, immerse yourself in the unique biodiversity and embrace the rare chance to explore the unexplored. Book your spot with The Wildtales Inc. and begin your Jungle Adventure!

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