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Makarapan Mountain Expedition: The last hideout


Embark on the Makarapan Mountain Expedition, a journey into Guyana’s untamed wilderness, seeking lost legends and vibrant jungle life.

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Makarapan Mountain Expedition: Unveiling the Veiled Legacy

Embark on an expedition steeped in mystery and adventure as we journey to Makarapan Mountain in search of hidden archaeological marvels whispered through the ages. Traverse is one of Earth’s last great wildernesses, where biodiversity thrives untouched, and history lies waiting to be rediscovered.

Journey’s Commencement: A Capital Assembly Our adventure unfolds in Georgetown’s pulsating heart, where kindred spirits of exploration converge. Here, bonds are forged, forming the bedrock of our collective journey into the unknown.

Venturing into the Wild: From Civilization to Serenity Take flight from urbanity to the rustic charms of Lethem. Our venture by land and river into the Rupununi’s heart embraces the raw essence of travel, leading to the secluded realms where adventure beckons.

The Final Trek: Into the Embrace of Makarapan We enter the rainforest quietly, equipped and briefed, with little interference from modernity. Our path leads to the mountain’s base, where camp becomes our launchpad for discovery.

Objective One: The Cave of Echoes Whispers of ancient pottery guide us to a cavern lost in time. We’ll delve into its secrets, GPS in hand, aiming to chart the uncharted for academia’s hallowed halls.

Objective Two: Matapi Mountain’s Savannah Beyond the dense foliage lies Matapi’s savannah, a rumoured ceremonial ground shrouded in legend. Here, we seek the tangible touchstones of Surama’s ancestral past.

An Expedition with Purpose This isn’t merely a journey; it’s an interaction with history and nature. We’ll search for elusive jungle creatures with the help of native guides, learn traditional forest lore, and perhaps even see the jaguar’s shadow.

What You Can Expect:

  • Full-board accommodation, from Georgetown’s comfort to the jungle’s rustic embrace.
  • All internal transfers capture the essence of Guyana’s diverse landscapes.
  • Experienced guides to shepherd you through the expedition’s duration.
  • A respectful interaction with village life, ensuring we tread lightly on sacred grounds.

Before You Pack:

  • International flights to Guyana remain yours to arrange, along with meals in the capital.
  • Small personal items, a sense of adventure, and a willingness to embrace the unexpected are essential.

Join Us: Ready to step into the shoes of the intrepid? Spaces are limited, and the legends await. Contact us to secure your place on the Makarapan Mountain Expedition, where every step is a story waiting to unfold.

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Itinerary: Makarapan Mountain Expedition – The Quest for the Forgotten

Day 1: Gathering in Georgetown. Arrive and settle in at our designated hotel in the vibrant capital. This evening is about introductions and addressing any last-minute inquiries before our venture begins.

Day 2: Departure to the Depths of Guyana We assemble at Ogle Airport at dawn for our journey into the heart of the rainforest. Aboard our light aircraft, we’ll witness the lush canopy of Guyana stretch endlessly beneath us. Landing in Surama, the gateway to our adventure, we’ll transfer to an Eco Lodge in Rupununi, where your expedition gear awaits.

Day 3: First Foray into the Jungle Fuelled by an early breakfast, we embark on our trek towards the mysterious Makarapan mountain, utilising village trails that weave through the dense foliage. Our guides will share wisdom on surviving and thriving in this verdant realm as we acclimatise to the jungle’s embrace. Nightfall brings us together around the fire, under the stars, in anticipation of the days ahead.

Days 4-9: Delving into the Mysteries of Makarapan With base camp established, our exploration unfolds in earnest. Each day, armed with essentials and boundless curiosity, we’ll comb the mountain for archaeological wonders, seeking signs of past civilisations. Our non-intrusive approach ensures all findings are respectfully documented and left untouched.

Amidst our search, we’ll challenge ourselves to ascend Makarapan’s peak, navigating semi-forgotten paths to its summit. Shifting camp, we’ll expand our search to new quarters of the mountain, perhaps unveiling sights unseen by modern eyes.

There will be opportunities to diverge into smaller collectives, pursuing individual interests, be it angling in the river, wildlife observation, or simply basking in the tranquillity of the jungle. A rest day is also nestled within, offering a moment to reflect and revel in the rainforest’s splendour.

Day 10: Farewell to the Wilds We dismantle our camps and retrace our steps to civilisation. Our journey concludes at an Eco Lodge, where the comforts of modernity await—hot showers, sumptuous meals, and the soft embrace of a bed. We celebrate our shared journey as dusk settles, recounting tales of discovery and camaraderie.

Day 11: Return to the Capital At dawn’s light, we commence our journey back to Georgetown, first touching the fringes of Lethem, then soaring back to the coastal capital. The evening is yours to relish a final night amidst new friends, perhaps with a toast to the adventures that bond us.

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8th to 18th of Nov 2024


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