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Embark on an unprecedented bushcraft journey as Wild Tales Inc. joins forces with the esteemed British bushcraft provider, Back to Wilderness. Venture into Guyana’s heart, learning ancient Amerindian techniques from expert instructors of the North Rupununi’s Makushi tribe. This unique course, set against the magnificent canvas of the Amazon rainforest, awaits those keen to uncover secrets of one of the planet’s most biodiverse realms. While the course welcomes all, those with some bushcraft proficiency will find it particularly enriching.

Course Overview: This 13-day expedition, crafted by international and indigenous maestros, will empower you with advanced bushcraft techniques. From crafting traditional bushcraft tools and mastering the machete to understanding the deep-rooted secrets of the Amazon, you’ll be thoroughly engrossed in the vast spectrum of lessons.

Location: Rooted near the indigenous Surama enclave, the course intricately weaves Makushi Amerindian traditional rainforest practices. Though survival skills form the core, our primary aim remains to embrace and replicate time-tested conventional methods.

Bushcraft Immersion: Dive deep into the rainforest, oscillating between jungle and expedition camps. Construct tools, lay traps, and accompany indigenous guides during nocturnal hunts—every aspect of this course, from creating implements to building shelters, beckons active engagement.

Unlock the true spirit of the Amazon Rainforest with us.

This course is NCFE CQ Accredited

The Wild Tales Inc provide this course in collaboration with Back To Wilderness  under licence from Survival School, NCFE Centre 001135

From 1st August 2022, all certification will be in the form of eCertificates.

Upon successful completion of the course and meeting the required criteria, the learner will achieve the following:

* The Survival School Level 3 Indigenous Jungle Bushcraft  – NCFE CQ Accredited

Our qualification has been developed to meet the specific needs of our learners and has been accredited by NCFE demonstrating the quality and rigor.

NCFE are an awarding organisation recognised by the qualification regulators for England (Ofqual, Wales (Qualification Wales) and Northern Ireland (CCEA Regulation). This is an unregulated qualification and is not a nationally recognised qualification.

Note: This Survival School Accredited Level 3 CQ is not part of the Level 4 foundational syllabus and is a stand-alone course developed for personal and professional development.

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Embark on 'Rainforest Resilience: Bushcraft Mastery in Guyana', a thrilling 13-day expedition into the heart of the Amazon. Learn survival skills from expert guides, immerse in indigenous culture, and explore the abundant flora and fauna of the Guyanese rainforest. This hands-on experience fosters a deep connection with nature, tests your resilience, and leaves you with lifelong memories and friendships.
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Full Jungle Bushcraft Itinerary

  • Set foot in Georgetown, Guyana’s bustling capital.
  • Acquaint yourself with fellow participants.
  • Meals: None
  • Accommodation: Shared room in a designated hotel.
  • Commence from Ogle airport to Surama.
  • Settle into the local eco-lodge and acquire essential gear.
  • Meals: Lunch & Dinner
  • Accommodation: Shared room at eco-lodge.
  • Traverse into the heart of the Iwokrama rainforest.
  • Dive into fundamental bushcraft teachings: crafting, trapping, fishing.
  • Every lesson is curated to deepen your bond with the rainforest.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hammock sleep
  • Engage in core survival tasks amidst expedition camps.
  • Indulge in advanced lessons, from resource gathering to preserving age-old weaving techniques.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hammock sleep.
  • Navigate back to Surama by boat.
  • Revel in the culmination of the bushcraft course with a modest celebration.
  • Meals: Lunch & Dinner
  • Accommodation: Shared room at the lodge.
  • Traverse back to Georgetown, reminiscing the jungle experiences.
  • Meals: None
  • Accommodation: Shared room in a designated hotel.

Bid farewell and embark on onward journeys, carrying indelible rainforest memories.

No Prior Experience? No Problem!

Whether you’re a complete novice stepping into the wild for the first time or an advanced survivalist looking to perfect your skills, our jungle survival expeditions are tailored just for you!

If you have any further questions, contact Anders below, he is hapy to discuss any fitness/skill concerns.

Curious about the Amazon's Secrets?

Have questions? Embark on a pre-adventure chat and learn all about our trips. Get firsthand insights and answers directly from our founder, Anders.

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"Wild Tales Inc., in collaboration with Back to Wilderness, promises a transformative journey, intertwining deep-seated bushcraft knowledge with awe-inspiring rainforest experiences. Join us and elevate your bushcraft prowess."​

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