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The Burro Burro Canoe Expedition. Come and experience an exhilarating river expedition based on canoes travelling down the Burro Burro river in Rupununi. Learn the trait of being on a journey. At the same time, we will traverse the small river system every day, on the lookout for rare animals, experiencing fantastic fishing and the amazing rainforest. This expedition is excellent for couples sharing canoes and solo travellers joining a team and meet other travellers.

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The participants will arrive in the capital for a meetup; from there, we will fly by small planes to a landing strip in the Rupununi. Then, we continue our travel to Surama, where all guests get one night at the lodge and are equipped for the river expedition.

River expedition 

Our remote canoe expedition Amazon starts at the Burro Burro River, close to Surama Eco-lodge. From here, we get into our canoes with a safety boat and guides from the community. We will start our journey. The Burro Burro river is famous for its fantastic wildlife and gallery forest. The small river system gives participants a chance to enjoy both sides as the group silently paddles down with the current. Every day we stop for lunch, and later we stop at a suitable camp spot.

Learn to be on a remote expedition

All participants will get an intimate relationship with expedition life as they will be responsible for their camp and partake in all aspects of camp life. This is demanding but leaves all who joined with a great lesson and valuable knowledge for future expeditions. The nature of a remote canoe expedition Amazon is that we some days we will stop early and get time to go and fish for some of the many creatures that live in the river, whether it is vampire fish, black piranha, or giant catfish. There will also be a great chance of trying to fish with local techniques.

Great chance for wildlife spotting

This is an excellent chance to spot wildlife while on the river during the day, and as we have an aluminium boat with an engine, we can go out at night and spot some of the nocturnal inhabitants. Remember to bring a camera.

Ending trip 

On the final day of our remote canoe expedition Amazon, we get collected by boat to a small lodge near Kurupukari crossing. Here we will have the last night and celebrate our accomplishment. After that, we will go to Georgetown overland or via flight together. Our final night is spent out enjoying ourselves before participants travel back to their respective destinations.

What is included?

  • 31 Meals (10 Breakfast, 11 Lunch, 10 Dinner)
  • 13 Days / 12 nights (2 at the hotel, two at the lodge, and 9 in the jungle)
  • Domestic flights with 25LB included luggage
  • Boats, Guides, and domestic transport for the expedition in the jungle
  • Village fee
  • Kit for wilderness see below

What is not provided?

  • International airfare
  • Meals in the capital (Georgetown)
  • Taxi from airport to the capitol (cost approx. 70 USD each way)
  • Alcohol
  • Excess luggage for domestic flight
  • Tips for guides (Paid collectively to one portion and shared equally among companions)
  • Personal travel insurance (Will have to be sent in advance)
  • Cost of medical clearance (If needed)
  • Malaria Prophylaxis (Consult personal doctor)
  • Anything not mentioned in the document

Please contact us for more information on the Burro Burro Canoe Expedition and how to book this trip.

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21st Jul – 2nd Aug 2025, 2nd Aug – 14th Aug 2024


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