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Guyana Exploration Trips

Venture into the diverse landscapes with us. Our Tours in Guyana span across various regions, each with its unique offerings. Some locales are accessible from the coastal hub of Georgetown, while others require travel by air, water, or overland routes. Distinct from our lengthier survival courses and expeditions, these tours offer a condensed, value-for-money experience. They are perfect for those seeking thrilling escapades in the jungles and savannahs of Guyana.

The Tours in Guyana are tailored to meet individual preferences, our trips cater to groups of friends, families, and solo backpackers. With our expert team leading the way, guests can engage in wildlife spotting, horse riding, fishing, and acquiring basic jungle survival techniques. The primary aim? To ensure you have an exhilarating time.

Transportation In Guyana Some tours include transportation, while others grant you the flexibility to choose. Transport can be added to any package upon request to meet your convenience.

4 x 4 Off-Road Adventures In Guyana

Rupununi Ranch Adventure Tour

Jungle Wildlife Tour
in Guyana

Jungle Mountain
Tour Guyana

Tailormade Adventures in Guyana

Vehicle Hire

Pricing and Group Discounts

The pricing for our Guyana Tours is tailored for a typical group size of four participants. However, we can accommodate smaller groups at a per-person additional cost. Larger groups, more than four participants, may be eligible for special discounts. For a tailored quote, do reach out to us.

Joining a Group

Should you wish to share the adventure, you can join existing groups, helping you meet the four-participant pricing model. This is cost-effective and offers a beautiful opportunity to bond with fellow travellers. To explore this possibility, contact us, and we’ll match you with upcoming groups.

Do remember, our tours align perfectly with our commitment to sustainability, community engagement, and fostering an enriching experience for our guests, as outlined in our PR guidelines

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"The jungle, which covers nearly 75% of Guyana, is home to a diversity of wildlife many can only dream of witnessing. This place is a living dream, from jaguars and tapirs to anacondas and giant anteaters"​

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