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Become a Jungle Expedition
Leader in Guyana

Embark on a comprehensive and challenging 21-day Jungle Expedition Leader Course, immersing yourself in the captivating wilderness of Guyana’s rainforest. This professionally crafted adventure is meticulously designed to test and refine your survival aptitude, cultivate exemplary leadership capabilities, and foster profound cultural sensitivity while navigating diverse terrains and engaging with indigenous communities.

The expedition commences in Georgetown, the vibrant capital city of Guyana, where participants gather to receive a comprehensive safety briefing, ensuring adept navigation through densely populated urban areas as a cohesive expeditionary team.

Following departure from the urban milieu, a brief flight from Ogle Airport unveils the awe-inspiring canopy of the rainforest as you approach the serene village of Surama. Here, participants will be warmly welcomed to an Eco Lodge, thoughtfully equipped with essential gear to support the forthcoming expedition.

The instructional phase commences at Rock Landing, where participants will actively engage in rigorous training to acquire critical survival skills. These encompass essential competencies such as fire-making, water procurement, shelter construction, and astute awareness of potential jungle hazards. The curriculum further incorporates theoretical modules covering survival psychology, wildlife awareness, and expeditionary medicine to ensure a comprehensive skill set.

With a solid foundation established, the journey intensifies as participants venture deeper into the verdant jungle. This phase necessitates active involvement in camp administration, construction of bush latrines, acquisition of water and firewood, and the cultivation of resourcefulness to thrive amidst the rugged wilderness.

A pivotal aspect of the expedition involves the isolation phase, during which participants are individually secluded within the rainforest’s embrace, equipped solely with limited provisions. This rigorously assesses each individual’s resilience, resourcefulness, and ability to sustain themselves until rescue is effectuated.

Advancing through the expedition, participants will encounter a captivating mountain trek, providing a platform for embracing their roles as Jungle Expedition Leaders. A dynamic rotational system ensures that each participant assumes diverse responsibilities, including that of a Medic, Team Leader, and Admin. This cyclic allocation fosters a well-rounded experience and the cultivation of indispensable leadership qualities.

As Medic, participants shoulder the vital responsibility of overseeing the group’s health and well-being, rendering hands-on medical assistance for minor injuries and providing insightful counsel in the challenging jungle milieu. As Team Leader, participants set the optimal trek pace, coordinate group movement, and collectively deliberate significant decisions with the Admin and Medic.

Concurrently, the Admin diligently oversees the camp precinct, orchestrating essential tasks concerning the kitchen area, ensuring a clean water supply (WATSAN system), organising firewood, and prioritising team welfare and security. Daily briefings and debrief sessions facilitate collaborative reflection, fostering a culture of continuous learning and mutual growth.

Culminating at the Eco Lodge in Surama, participants celebrate their shared achievements and camaraderie. The final evening in Georgetown affords an opportunity for heartfelt reflection and jubilation among newfound companions.

Beyond an ordinary adventure, the Jungle Expedition Leader Course imparts a transformative experience, cultivating participants’ mettle, fortitude, and intercultural appreciation. Embraced within the mesmerising landscape of Guyana’s rainforest, this extraordinary expedition beckons those prepared to navigate a journey characterised by challenges and triumphs, forging exceptional Jungle Expedition Leaders.

This course was designed together with European Wilderness Education School and is a level 2 education on their curriculum. If you do not have previous experience there will be initial courses you would need to attend, but if you come with previous experience in the outdoor field, we would be happy to do an individual assessment to see if you can join directly into the course.

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