The Wildtales Inc.

Our Ethos

Here at the Wild Tales, we’ve spent years in South America's rich, untamed jungles. The rainforest environment is like no other, yet few people have the chance to experience it in its pristine state. We aim to change that.

What are The Wild Tales All About?

Our founding vision for Wild Tales was to allow adventurous travellers to immerse themselves in the rainforest environment like never before. Many have visited popular tourist attractions, but only some have ventured into the depths of the jungle we explore. We wanted to allow explorers to discover these untouched locations through an exciting and engaging journey.

We are deeply fascinated with jungle survival, but our love for adventure extends beyond the lush canopies. We also delight in leading trips into the savannahs, either by ATV or on horseback, providing a unique ranch vacation where guests can experience life akin to a traditional vaquero (cowboy). The essence of our ethos is adventure – genuine, captivating adventure – applied to various enchanting environments.

At the core of all we do is the spirit of adventure. We established Wild Tales to cater to those who crave something more from their getaways, something exciting, something a little beyond the norm. Our experiences are engaging, designed to get your heart racing and your spirit soaring.

Our destinations are for those who yearn for adventure. We eschew the well-trodden, accessible trails and comfortable lodgings with high-speed Wi-Fi. Our trips are designed for individuals seeking thrill and exploration and those wishing to step outside their comfort zone for a memorable outdoor experience. Our mission is to place genuine adventure at the forefront of everything we do.

What you'll Gain

Our trips certainly aren’t for the fainthearted, but with the right attitude and a strong mindset, you’ll have the trip of a lifetime.

We provide travellers with unique experiences – you’ll have stories enough to dine out on for life. We take you to remote, demanding destinations and teach you how to do the work for yourself. From setting up your own camp to finding your own food and water supply, you’ll be embracing the spirit of a traditional jungle explorer.

Think you’re up for the challenge?

Sustainable Eco-Tourism

At The Wild Tales, we recognise the importance of supporting conservation and community development in our operations. Too often, our planet is seen as a resource to be exploited for its commodities.

Each year, a significant profit is made by exploiting the jungle. From felling trees for lumber to clearing the rainforest for agricultural purposes, the impact on the ecosystem is profound. Conservation efforts are limited by funding, with their influence paling in comparison to exploitation. This calls for a change – a way to attribute financial value to the natural world without causing irreversible damage.

There are current examples of this, such as sustainable logging and ethical animal-sourcing practices. However, these still need to be the norm. Eco-tourism, when executed correctly, can be a viable and sustainable approach to enjoying the beauty of the natural world without causing harm.

Many eco-tourism sites become overwhelmed with tourists, disrupting local ways of life, introducing societal problems and causing distress to wildlife. We want to prevent this. Our eco-tourism initiatives provide locals with a source of income that doesn’t necessitate the destruction of their lands. We work closely with local guides and use local resources during our trips, supporting eco-lodges and utilising local transport where feasible.

We strive to protect our operating environments while uplifting the local communities we collaborate with. As part of our commitment to sustainable practices, We have policies for handling trash and waste as part of our commitment to sustainable practices. We use rotational systems of areas being used, train in sustainable harvest of resources, share knowledge of good practice, supply training in villages, and are deeply involved in our partner’s communities and colleagues in the various locations we use.

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