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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions and Assumption of Risk. 


You must read these terms and conditions fully. Continuing with your booking will result in you being entered into a contract with The Wild Tales Inc.. This contract will become binding once the payment and reservation form has been accepted and the client has received confirmation in writing of this from The Wild Tales Inc..


  • The Wild Tales Inc., 
  • “The client” refers to any participant on a jungle survival course , tour or expedition that is not employed by the company.


The agreement based upon these terms and conditions is solely between the named client(s) and The Wild Tales Inc..

No variation in this agreement shall be accepted unless agreed in writing by both parties at least one week before the relevant trip, expedition, or course start date.

The Wild Tales Inc. reserves the right to refuse a booking or cancel a trip, expedition, of course without giving reason or compensation. In such instances, all monies paid to that date will be returned and wherever possible, alternatives will be given for canceled trips, expeditions, or courses.


The client is responsible for having all requested and valid travel documents such as VISA, Vaccinations, and insurance before the start of their travel to the destination of the trip, course, or expedition. 

All clients will be requested to have at least 6 months left on their passport before the start date of the trip and have pages available for stamps and other attachments requested at the port of arrival. 


The client holds the full responsibility of acquiring the mandatory insurance before the departure date. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the insurance holds all necessary coverage for all aspects such as medical costs, cancellation, repatriation in case of medical needs or death under a trip, course, or expedition. In case of any need for air evacuation, this should be covered to the fullest by the client’s insurance.   


The trips, courses, and expeditions take place in remote and austere settings. Despite the experience and preparation done by instructors, expedition leaders, and guides based on comprehensive assessments on safety, logistics, and dangers to minimize these risks. The clients acknowledge that they are participating of their own free will and therefore accept the inherent risk of this type of activity. The client furthermore accepts there can be circumstances and events that happen beyond the control of the instructors, expedition leaders, and guides. Therefore, except for gross negligence, The Wild Tales Inc. accepts no responsibility or fault for any accidents or illnesses that occur during a trip, course, or expedition. The client is of the understanding that by participating in an The Wild Tales Inc. activity the client is doing so at their own risk.

The client acknowledges that they are liable for any damage or loss to The Wild Tales Inc. equipment including the full cost of replacement and expenses.

The Wild Tales Inc. does not accept responsibility for any loss, damage, or tampering to any valuables and monies given to them for safekeeping during a trip, course, or expedition.

All personal belongings, personal equipment, and valuables kept in a client’s possession are the client’s responsibility, and The Wild Tales Inc. accepts no responsibility for them.

The client also acknowledges that The Wild Tales Inc. is not responsible for any expenses or loss of monies or personal belongings through delays or cancellations of a booking and that The Wild Tales Inc. liability is hereby limited.

The client must ensure they make the designated meeting place and time and if flight delays/cancellations affect this, it is the client’s responsibility to catch up with the rest of the group. Costs incurred doing this is the sole responsibility of the client.


All clients will at least 30 days before arrival have to fill and send a medical form stating their information such as allergies, medical history, medication is taken among others. Fail to do so can lead to the clients being refused to participate in the course without any compensation or refund made to the client. 

In such a case that information needs confirmation from the client’s General practitioner. The Wild Tales Inc. holds the right to request a second opinion from the client’s General practitioner and this will be done at the client’s expense. 

If it is judged that the client has given wrong or deliberately not mentioned information relevant to the form, the client can be at any point be denied taking further part in a trip, course, or expedition and any cost arising from here would be at the client’s expense. 

Any changes to this questionnaire before the course start date, such as recent injuries or illness must be notified to The Wild Tales Inc. in writing before the course start. Failure to do so may result in the client being refused permission to participate and forfeit all monies paid.

By the nature of our trips and due to the environment in which we operate the client must have an acceptable level of personal fitness. Information on the level required for each trip is available from The Wild Tales Inc.. If The Wild Tales Inc. instructors deem a person is not physically capable of taking part in a trip, they may be refused permission to continue.


The Wild Tales Inc. operates in remote and austere settings which are dictated by factors beyond our control. For this reason, The Wild Tales Inc. can be forced to change various parts of our itinerary, plans, and trips with short notice. In rare cases The Wild Tales Inc. can be forced to remove parts, places, and activities completely off the plan or trips will have to be postponed to another date. 

The Wild Tales Inc. will in all events do whatever possible to fulfill the planned activities, reach destinations, and experiences but holds the right to make this decision on their judgment alone. 

The Wild Tales Inc.s will inform clients at the earliest possible point and strive to make appropriate changes agreed hereupon but holds itself limited liable for these when deemed beyond our control. 


The client agrees that while on a trip, course, or expedition it will follow all rules and regulations as stated by instructors, expedition leaders, and guides. Fail to do so can in extreme cases lead to a client being removed from the group and asked to leave for a trip, course, or expedition. 

The client will have to obey all safety rules and adhere to guidance and training from instructors, guides, and expedition leaders. If a client is deemed unfit to do so, The Wild Tales Inc.s hold the right to remove the client from the trip, course, or expedition. 

A client who is actively undermining the social dynamics of fellow travelers or in any way acts inappropriately towards staff, community members, or partners in indigenous communities will be removed from a trip, course, or expedition without further notice. 

In all mentioned cases the client will hold all expenses arising from this decision. 

If a client is involved in any criminal activities The Wild Tales Inc. will inform local authorities and hand over the client to local police if requested to do so. 


All clients will have to have paid 50% of the trip price to book for the course or expedition. 60 days before the start date the 100% of the course or expedition will have to be paid to confirm participation. 

To secure a spot on the trip, course, or expedition guests will have to pay a non-refundable deposit. This will have to be paid before the 60 days before the course. Clients will receive an email notification, but it is the client’s responsibility to make sure that the payment is done correctly and accordingly. If full payment is not received in time The Wild Tales Inc. holds the right to assume that the client has canceled their contract and will forfeit their 25% deposit. An additional 100 USD fee is due for all balance of payments not received within two months of the start date. Payments have to be done by bank transfer and the client holds all fees associated with the transfer. 

Payments are done by wire transfers to The wild tales Inc. account and banking information is sent directly via Email.


If a client wishes to cancel a booked trip, course, or expedition, then the following costs will be incurred:

Cancellation 90 days or more before the trip, expedition, or course start date: All monies returned with exception of the non-refundable deposit which may be transferred to any trip, course, or expedition on any date forever. 

Cancellation less than 60 days before the trip, expedition, or course start date: 100% of the trip, expedition, or course fee is payable.

The client understands that the cancellation policy is based on arrangements done with partners, communities, airlines, and staff and that their interests and costs will have to proceed. 

If a client wishes to transfer their deposit to a different trip/date, this is only possible more than 90 days before the departure.


If any complaints or areas of dissatisfaction arise before, under, or after a trip please make sure to communicate these to the staff at The Wild Tales Inc.. 

For any complaints and requests for refund, all complaints have to be made no later than 30 days after the end of a trip, course, or expedition. Any later than this and The Wild Tales Inc. will not see itself as liable to demands of refunds. 


The Wild Tales Inc. may update these terms and conditions from time to time, and it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they are aware and agree to any modifications before joining any course.

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