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Fishing in Guyana

Fishing the Unchartered Waters of Guyana

Imagine casting a line into the uncharted waters of Guyana, where every tug might introduce you to fascinating species like the peacock bass, payara, red-tail catfish, pacu, and even the majestic arapaima. Guyana promises not just a fish but a tale. While we can’t guarantee a particular catch, we promise an unparalleled fishing adventure.

For over a decade, The Wild Tales has curated riveting rainforest adventures, seamlessly integrating fishing into our offerings. Now, we’re thrilled to extend short and long dedicated fishing trips for enthusiasts.

Short Expeditions

Starting from the coast of Guyana, our brief excursions could span a day or two. While day trips offer their charm, we recommend an overnight stay. It lets you experience nocturnal fishing and the magic of dawn by the river.

The Ultimate Adventure

For the daring souls, we organise intense fishing expeditions. Venture into the Essequibo River’s heart, teeming with diverse aquatic life. Opt for the serene streams of the Burro Burro River, boasting a myriad of smaller but diverse species. Or, for those seeking the genuinely elusive journey into southern Guyana’s untouched terrains, where record-breaking sizes of himara (wolf fish) await.

Our expeditions thrive amidst nature. While you’ll find comfort in our jungle camps, note that some remote ventures require us to set up a base from scratch.

Beyond Fishing

Guyana’s allure isn’t just below the water but all around. Our expeditions also offer glimpses of its rich wildlife. From tapirs sauntering across rivers to caimans in predatory mode or the majestic gaze of a distant harpy eagle, nature’s performances are ceaseless.

Backed by a team that hails from local communities, our expertise needs to be challenged. With seasoned expedition leaders, fishermen, captains, and survival experts, your safety and experience stand paramount to us.

Come, let’s weave a wild tale together. Reach out to discuss options and embark on a fishing journey in Guyana that you’ll cherish forever.

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"Come, let's weave a wild tale together. Reach out to discuss options and embark on a fishing journey in Guyana that you’ll cherish forever."​

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