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What's Included

Understanding what your adventure holiday or survival experience encompasses is essential, so we’ve detailed what’s included in the cost of a standard Wild Tales trip. When booking, you will receive more in-depth information about your holiday package, but the standard inclusions listed below will always be part of your experience.

Please note: For survival courses, the accommodation and food available will largely depend on your efforts; you’ll be residing in a shelter you construct and surviving on the food you procure for yourself.



Food Aside from survival courses, all food for the duration of your adventure holiday in the interior will be included as mentioned in the program or trip description. This ranges from traditional Indigenous food, Brazilian barbecues and incredibly fresh Caribbean fish to trek rations, which are more basic but undoubtedly sufficient. During survival phases, we’ll help you to source a range of food, but you’ll also have to gather or catch some for yourself! When you're in the main cities, we leave you to explore the local culture and cuisine at your own pace. Typically in Georgetown, all meals are self-paid unless otherwise mentioned in the program.

Kit and Equipment

We provide most of the kit and equipment necessary for your expedition or adventure. We don’t believe in requiring you to purchase expensive gear just for a holiday, so we provide it for you, ensuring you have all you need. However, you should bring your equipment (such as clothing, backpacks, etc.) for your trip - these are usually items you might already own or could use again.


All accommodation for the duration of your stay is incorporated in the price of your package. Depending on the specific trip, this could range from hotels or lodges with en-suite bathrooms to jungle hammocks and tents.


Upon your arrival in the destination country, all internal vehicle is covered in the price of your stay except travelling from an international airport. This could include road, water, or air transportation – given the remote nature of many of our trips, the type of transportation can vary. Any transportation outside of the program is self-paid.

Expert Guides, Park Entry and Safety Kits

Park Entry and Safety Kits For a safe and enjoyable trip, we provide everything you need. Staff and guide fees, as well as park entry fees, are naturally included. Our guides have all the necessary medical and safety equipment for your activities.


Here’s a brief list of additional costs you’ll need to cover yourself:

  • International airfare – we can provide advice before booking
  • Airport taxes
  • Travel insurance – you must have comprehensive travel insurance for your trips. We explore remote areas, and if you require rescue from the depths of the jungle by helicopter, insurance will cover it. Click here to learn more about insurance.
  • Visas (if required) – Citizens of the UK, Europe, and the USA typically don’t need a visa.
  • Souvenirs
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Meals in the main cities (e.g. Georgetown)

If you desire more information about what is and isn’t included in the price of your adventure holiday, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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