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Tailormade Adventures in Guyana

We got almost ten years of experience creating expeditions, survival courses, TV productions, and wild adventures. So get in touch, and let’s start building your next extreme adventure. Guyana can offer almost any kind in a tropical environment, ranging from cloud forests at the base of Mount Roraima, some of the world’s biggest waterfalls, and remote, unexplored corners to the Rupununi Savannahs. Without a doubt an adventurous wonderland.

All of these trips are priced accordingly. So, to create your adventure, contact us and let us know what you would like.

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The tailormade adventures 

Typically our tailormade adventures in guyana take a little of everything and apply to one ultimate adventure. Whether you come as a group, cooperate, influencer, or extreme adventure seeker, we can offer a package that caters for the experiences you seek. This can be a jungle expedition, ranching, and off-road 4×4. In other cases, people ask to plan extensive journeys supplying permits, safety, equipment, country fixer, and guides. We have the know-how, network, and experience to set the scene for extreme adventures in Guyana.

A great example was our work with Lucy Shepherd as she and a Guyanese team walked for 52 days through the Kanuku Mountains, but trips such as our yearly Search of the ancestors or Wai Wai remote tribe expedition can all be planned and done as private expeditions.

Private group 

If our dates do not match, this is the trip that you requested. Not only do we create once-in-a-lifetime experiences, but you can also order our regular trips as a smaller private group where we follow the structure of our existing trips.


If you are looking for the ultimate team building or maybe testing your staff under extreme conditions, Guyana is the perfect place. Survival courses are apparent, but we can also design trips with fragments from each adventure option.

From arrival to departure 

We will make a plan covering all participants from arrival to departure. All logistics and travelling in town, accommodation, domestic transport, you name it. The only thing that guests have to take care of is enjoying thrilling adventures and meeting the fantastic people of Guyana.

Contact us now for more information on your bespoke trip.

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