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Jungle Survival

The Jungle Survival Adventure

Delve into the secluded depths of Guyana’s rainforest and experience an electrifying two-week jungle survival course. With a skilled survival instructor and a squad of seasoned Amerindian mentors, you’ll be guided meticulously as you discover what it truly means to survive in the wild.

Submerge yourself in a pristine segment of the Amazon and master survival skills in a remarkably captivating setting. Under our guidance, you’ll grasp jungle survival techniques and indigenous survival skills. After this comprehensive training, you’ll enter absolute isolation in the dense heart of the jungle, where your only company will be monkeys, anacondas, caimans, and jaguars. Do you have the tenacity to stand alone in the wilderness?

Phase One: Training

We will only plunge you into survival mode if we prepare you adequately for your jungle adventure. In the initial one-week survival training phase, we’ll equip you with the wilderness skills to locate water, construct shelter, ignite a fire without matches, and procure food. After setting up your hammock camp, we’ll help you get comfortable consuming various unique and intriguing bugs. Then, we’ll teach you the essentials: piranha fishing, wild game hunting with a bow and arrow, fire lighting, and water vine recognition. By the end of the first week, you’ll be prepared with the skills necessary to survive in the jungle – are you ready to face the challenge?

Phase Two: Isolation

Once you are ready, you’ll embark on a solo journey (or with a partner, if preferred). We’ll leave you in a fresh part of the jungle to fend for yourself. Armed with a sharp machete, a bow and arrow, and a trusty belt kit, you’ll test your survival skills in an adrenaline-fueled real-world scenario. Relying on your wits and survival instinct without the aid of a torch or a match, are you up for the challenge?

You can check our jungle bushcraft course here if you are only interested in learning skills and want to focus on this.

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Join our jungle survival adventure in Guyana and explore traditional skills, fishing, and wildlife just a few hours outside of Georgetown. This trip is perfect for families or groups and can be done as an extended weekend trip, or extra days can be added to spend more time learning skills and participating in activities. We will learn about trees, plants, wildlife, and engage in activities such as shooting local bows and arrows, fishing, and exploring the rainforest for exciting wildlife near Rockstone.
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So you are looking at booking a Jungle Survival Course with a jungle survival instructor and guide team. We will venture deep into the rainforest and teach you the skills needed to survive the jungle. First, our participants are taught all aspects of jungle survival. Then, we will take you through a comprehensive survival course teaching fire making, fishing, using a machete, bow, and arrow, and building shelter until the grand finale. Ultimately, participants are left alone with simple tools to survive until the evacuation.
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The Trip Highlights

Expert Guidance

Wilderness Skills Training

Isolation Challenge

Diverse Wildlife Encounters

Aerial Rainforest Views

Cultural Immersion

Full Jungle Survival Itinerary

We gather at a hotel in Georgetown, the capital, for introductions and any lingering questions before venturing into the interior. No meals were provided. Shared room accommodation.

In the morning, we proceed to Ogle airport for check-in and flight in a small propeller plane. The journey offers a breathtaking view of Guyana’s vast rainforest coverage. We land in the quaint village of Surama, from where we head to a nearby Eco lodge for introductions, lunch, and gear distribution. The night concludes with relaxation and stunning rainforest views. Lunch and dinner included. Shared room accommodation.

We leave the Ecolodge early in the morning and make our way to our first base with simple structures and facilities for initial forest exposure. We cover survival basics like fire-making, acquiring clean drinking water, setting up hammocks, using machetes, bows, arrows, and fishing. Theoretical topics like survival psychology, jungle dangers, hazards, and wildlife recognition are also covered. All meals included. Hammock sleeping arrangement.

Post training, we move further into the forest, create our camp, and contribute to camp life – from building bush latrines to ensuring water and firewood supply. We also cover advanced survival techniques like shelter construction, navigation, and advanced fishing theory. All meals included. Hammock sleeping arrangement.

Participants are taken to their isolation spot with a select set of tools, such as a machete, bow and arrow, water bottle, fire kit, and fishing kit. The challenge here is to create a sustainable living environment and survive until extraction. Sleep in the self-built shelter—meals caught through personal means.

A rescue team will arrive during the day to extract you! The team then returns to the lodge for a celebration dinner marking our collective achievements. Lunch and dinner included. Shared room accommodation.

The next day. We journey back to Georgetown for a final night in town. No meals included. Shared room accommodation.

On the final day, we bid each other farewell as participants head home or to their next destination. No meals included. No accommodation is provided.

No Prior Experience? No Problem!

Whether you’re a complete novice stepping into the wild for the first time or an advanced survivalist looking to perfect your skills, our jungle survival expeditions are tailored just for you!

If you have any further questions, contact Anders below, he is hapy to discuss any fitness/skill concerns.

Curious about the Amazon's Secrets?

Have questions? Embark on a pre-adventure chat and learn all about our trips. Get firsthand insights and answers directly from our founder, Anders.

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"Experience the untouched wildlife in a jungle landscape that covers almost 75% of Guyana. From jaguars, tapirs, and anacondas, to giant anteaters, Guyana is the epitome of what a wildlife experience should be."​

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