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So you are looking at booking a Jungle Survival Course with a jungle survival instructor and guide team. We will venture deep into the rainforest and teach you the skills needed to survive the jungle. First, our participants are taught all aspects of jungle survival. Then, we will take you through a comprehensive survival course teaching fire making, fishing, using a machete, bow, and arrow, and building shelter until the grand finale. Ultimately, participants are left alone with simple tools to survive until the evacuation.

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The participants will arrive on our jungle survival course in the capital for a meetup, and from there, by small planes, we fly to a small landing strip in the Rupununi. After being equipped and briefed, we venture into the forest.

Introduction to jungle survival

Our initial days are spent learning the fundamentals of our jungle survival course at a base located in the forest. Our location offers simple comforts such as field latrines and the participants will have thorough training in fire making, fishing, bow and arrow, and use of machete while undergoing theory in psychology, dangers, and hazards of the jungle.

Expedition phase

From this point, we travel deeper into the forest during our expedition phase. Here we let go of our small comforts, and all members participate in the daily duties of maintenance. Water, fire, and camp routines. In this stage, we intensify the teaching on the jungle survival course and introduce simple navigation and shelter-making.


Once ready, the participants will be dropped off with their tools, safety equipment and have to survive with what they have been taught. This putting all the skills from the jungle survival course to the ultimate test. Eventually, help will arrive, and participants will be saved and return safely to the eco-lodge for a well-deserved party. The trip finishes in the capital when the guest returns to their respective destinations.

What is included?

  • 27 Meals (9 Breakfast, 9 Lunch, 9 Dinner)
  • 13 Days / 12 nights (2 at the hotel, two at Ecolodge, and 9 in the jungle)
  • Domestic flights with 25LB included luggage
  • Boats, Guides, and survival instructors for a stay in the jungle
  • Village fee
  • Kit for wilderness see below

What is not provided?

  • International airfare
  • Meals in the capital (Georgetown)
  • Taxi from airport to the capitol (cost approx. 70 USD each way)
  • Alcohol
  • Excess luggage for domestic flight
  • Tips for guides (Paid collectively to one portion and shared equally among companions)
  • Personal travel insurance (Will have to be sent in advance)
  • Cost of medical clearance (If needed)
  • Malaria Prophylaxis (Consult personal doctor)
  • Anything not mentioned in the document

Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about booking your Jungle Survival Course.

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18th Aug – 30th Aug 2025, 23rd Aug – 4th Sep 2024, 28th March – 9th Apr 2025

1 review for Jungle Survival Course

  1. Ray

    2 Week Amazon Jungle Survival Course – Unparalleled quality & exceptional value for money!
    Review of The Wild tales Inc.
    Reviewed 2 days ago
    The 2-week Amazon Jungle Survival Course run by The Wild Tales Inc is unique & simply outstanding in every way – more than worth every penny & then some!
    The course is cleverly structured in such a way, that you are expertly & gradually acclimatised to the Jungle, learning the skills & routines required to prepare you to be fully & independently immersed, deep in the Jungle in the final isolation phase. It’s all serious stuff but delivered at an excellent pace with brilliant humour thrown in for good fun.
    Anders is in a class of his own with regard to the level of detail, to which he plans for everything, from behind-the-scenes logistics to the content delivery & overall support of his team.
    His extensive experience & deep knowledge of the country coupled with the real-world Jungle experience of the local Amerindian Instructors Lionel, Damien, Torres and Ali (on my trip) is second to none – you are quite literally surrounded by an unparalleled level of Jungle experience & knowledge in Guyana – these guys are the real deal & at the top of their game. There is clear mutual respect between each of them for their individual experience and contribution at all levels – which is lovely to be around.
    To top it off, the Surama Eco Lodge, which you may have at the beginning & end of the trip is the perfect hopping point between the wilderness of the Jungle & Georgetown – a beautiful location, lovely people, amazing food & accommodation.
    The whole team is a very respectful & well-oiled machine, able to seamlessly & dynamically adapt & overcome anything the Jungle can throw at them with no effort at all so that your trip can continue as planned.
    In short, a first-class service for everything from communication, booking, advice on flights, advice on insurance, trip accommodation, taxi connections, food, duration, equipment, content & overall delivery.
    If you could only take 2 things with you into the Jungle… it would be a machete & knowledge from The Wild Tales Inc Team course – no question.
    People go on this trip to learn about the Jungle but can come away having learnt so much more, especially about themselves – utterly life-changing in the best way possible.
    Anders, Lionel, Damien, Torres & Ali – please accept my sincere thanks & gratitude for an outstanding course & providing so many laughs along the way to my team and myself.
    We will be back as soon as we can.
    I cannot recommend these guys highly enough!

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