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Getting Here

Each of our survival holiday locations is fairly easy to get to from Europe, North America and South America.


By Plane

There are two international airports in Guyana: Cheddi Jagan (airport code GEO) and Ogle (airport code OGL).

If you’re flying from the UK, We recommend flying to Trinidad (airport code POS) or Barbados (airport code BGI) and then connecting to Guyana. Caribbean Airlines runs regular and quick flights on these routes.

If you’re coming from mainland Europe: Numerous airlines can connect you to Guyana via the Caribbean or the US. Consult your preferred travel agent or airline for the most convenient option.

If you’re coming from or via New York: We recommend flying to Guyana with American Airlines or Caribbean Airlines. Both airlines offer direct flights to Cheddi Jagan International Airport (GEO).

If you’re coming from (or via) the Caribbean: InterCaribbean Airways and Caribbean Airlines run regular flights to Guyana. Make sure to check their schedules for the most suitable times.

By Land

If you’re already in South America, you can get to Guyana overland from Brazil and Suriname. Please note that this route may involve long travel times, multiple transport changes and border crossings.

If you plan to travel by land, get in touch – we are familiar with the area and travel the routes often. We can provide detailed information about transportation options you might not find online. Remember to verify your visa requirements for overland travel if you’re transiting through multiple countries.

Once you've landed in Guyana:

We will coordinate airport pick-ups to bring you to the initial course location. We synchronise pick-ups for guests arriving around the same time to minimise waiting times and costs. However, you might have to arrange your transport to the hotel in case of late or significantly delayed flights. 


Regardless of your origin, ensure you have all necessary visas and travel documents before commencing your journey. Check for any travel advisories or specific entry requirements related to your country of origin. We also strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance that covers emergency evacuation, medical costs, and trip cancellation.

We look forward to welcoming you to Guyana for an adventurous and enriching jungle survival holiday!

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