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Exhilarating Jungle Expeditions In South America

Embark on an adventure holiday of a lifetime with The WildTales Inc. Jungle Expeditions. We invite you to explore the untouched corners of Guyana and push your boundaries with this extreme survival challenge!

Our Jungle Expeditions are our most demanding adventure option, not for the faint-hearted. Using planes, helicopters, inflatable kayaks, and sheer willpower, we will navigate the lesser-explored parts of Guyana. You’ll carry all your equipment with minimal information about our plans or destination – that’s all part of the adventure.

Each expedition is unique, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience every time. Visit our Dates and Costs page for details about the next tour. You can also explore the GTA for more information about Guyana.

So, pack your bags, and let’s dive into the wild!

These Jungle expeditions are probably our most demanding adventure option – definitely not for the fainthearted. We’ll use planes, helicopters, inflatable kayaks and our own two feet to explore some of the least explored parts of Guyana. But, of course, you’ll carry all the gear yourself, and we’ll provide very little information about what we’re doing or where we’re going – it’s all part of the fun.

Each expedition we run is different so every trip will be unique. Check out our Dates and Costs page for more information about the next tour. To find out more information about Guyana you can check out the GTA.

Pack your bags, and let’s hit the ground running!

Burro Burro Canoe Expedition

In Pursuit of Ancient Legends

Expedition with the Wai Wai Tribe

Past and Future Expeditions

As our Jungle Expeditions vary, you may wonder what to anticipate. To help you prepare and heighten your excitement, here’s a quick overview of our past expeditions and prospective future adventures.

In 2023, we arranged a 20-day expedition to go and visit the remote Wai Wai in the southern end of Guyana. This tribe lives in a remote and secluded section of Guyana and still upholds many traditions that are impossible to encounter elsewhere. This will take groups in to experience wildlife, traditional cultural activities such as blowpipes, and farming practices.

We have been involved in advanced expeditions, supplying permits, logistics, safety, and guides for one-of-a-kind expeditions. We have years of experience in this area, and to this day, all have been executed successfully and safely. Our knowledge has allowed us to create your next expedition as well, so reach out, even with the wildest ideas, and we will let you know if it is possible. 

Our future expeditions may include:

  • Expedition to the most remote tribe in Guyana, the Wai Wai.
  • A journey to a waterfall nestled deep within the jungle.
  • A trekking expedition to the Roraima area to explore remote waterfalls and work together with the Patamona tribe to set up tourism

We boast a distinguished track record in pioneering advanced expeditions, efficiently handling permits, logistics, safety, and guiding for unparalleled adventures. Our expertise spans several years, with every expedition successfully and safely concluded. Leverage our profound knowledge to craft your unique journey. Don’t hesitate – no matter how ambitious your idea, contact us, and we’ll assess its feasibility.

Upcoming Expeditions:

  • A deep dive into Guyana’s heart, connecting with the secluded Wai Wai tribe.
  • An evocative voyage to a hidden waterfall deep within the rainforest’s embrace.
  • A challenging trek in the Roraima region, uncovering remote cascades and collaborating with the Patamona tribe to shape sustainable tourism.

In 2017, we coordinated the first-ever source-to-sea expedition of the Essequibo River with a team of 2 Wai Wai guides and 3 British adventurers. This marked the longest river journey in Guyana, spanning 71 days.

In 2021, we facilitated the first-ever recorded Kanuku Mountain range crossing. This challenging expedition covered over 420 km of land in 52 days in one of the planet’s least explored regions.

We also offer shorter trips that are genuine expeditions, where every day is filled with movement, rationed meals, improvisation, and awe-inspiring discoveries in places few have ever visited.

Future expeditions may also include:

  • Kayak expeditions to remote rainforest areas.
  • Exploring the tepui area.
  • Using helicopters to access remote and pristine river systems.

For more information or to book the trip of a lifetime, please Contact Us

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"The jungle, which covers nearly 75% of Guyana, is home to a diversity of wildlife many can only dream of witnessing. This place is a living dream, from jaguars and tapirs to anacondas and giant anteaters"​

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