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Are you looking to produce captivating content set against the backdrop of nature’s wonders? Dive deep into the cinematic allure of Guyana with Wild Tales Inc.

Experienced Fixers & Advisors

At Wild Tales Inc., we pride ourselves on a rich history of collaboration with prominent names in the TV and film industry. Our portfolio boasts prestigious partnerships with giants like the Discovery Channel, Channel 4, Warner Brothers, and Channel France, to name a few. Whether it’s the sultry jungles of Guyana or the sweeping landscapes of Africa, we’ve been there, guiding productions every step of the way.

Need advice, assistance, or logistical support? You’re in the right place. We are well-versed in liaising with the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) to secure all necessary permits and duty exemptions.

Areas of Expertise

Having spent a decade and a half operating predominantly in dense jungle terrains, our expertise is unparalleled. Spearheaded by our Danish proprietor, Anders, Wild Tales Inc. has orchestrated numerous TV segments centred around survival challenges and adrenaline-pumping adventures deep within the rainforest.

Our Offerings

  • Local Knowledge & Global Expertise: Harness our extensive local network and deep-rooted understanding of locations.
  • Logistical Brilliance: We’ve covered you, from film permits to risk assessments.
  • Unmatched Security: Our recommendations comprise top-tier security and medical experts, ensuring safety is paramount.
  • Diverse Crew: International logistics specialists, safety mavens, and local crew with almost 80 years of combined experience in the TV realm. They bring a unique blend of agility and professionalism to the table, making every production endeavour seamless.
  • Reliability: Familiar with the unpredictable nature of TV productions, we understand the importance of adaptability and meticulous planning.

Challenging terrain, complex logistics, or power constraints? Leave it to us.

Our Past Ventures

  • First man out, Brazil, Discovery Channel
  • Naked and Afraid, 9 Guyana episodes 2015-2022
  • Biosphere VR, Ethiopia
  • Parkers Trail, Guyana, Discovery Channel
  • Going Native, DR Congo, Channel 4
  • Heroes Of The Wild, Guyana, Warner Brothers
Connect With Us! Discover a world of cinematic opportunities in Guyana. Reach out today to discuss your next big TV or film project. Your storytelling journey, augmented by the magic of Guyana, awaits.
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