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In Pursuit of Ancient Legends: A Mountain Expedition from Surama


Embark on an adventure steeped in ancient lore. Trace the remnants of a long-lost village from the heart of Surama, venturing where mysteries of the past beckon.

Expedition Itinerary:

  • A Capital Beginning: Kickstart your adventure in the bustling capital, forging alliances with fellow adventurers.
  • The Mystique of Surama: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural backdrop of Surama, blending survival skills with village explorations.
  • Trekking the Untamed: Brace yourself for exhilarating treks through untouched wilderness, setting camp amidst nature’s symphony each night.
  • Deciphering Ancient Secrets: Delve into the ancient secrets hidden within enigmatic caves and age-old petroglyphs as we close in on the legendary waterfall.
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From the heart of Surama village, we beckon the audacious to join us on a mountain expedition into the Pakaraima mountains, tracing remnants of the Makushi ancestors. Ancient lore tells of a time when the Caribs, in their fierce conquests, targeted the Makushis of North Rupununi. Men stood their ground in valiant combat while women, elders, and children sought refuge within the mountain’s hidden crannies. Intriguing petroglyphs guide the entrance to this refuge, notably one eerily depicting an Indian chief apparently being decapitated. The area is rarely visited as it is complicated terrain, and only with correct preparations and planning can a mountain expedition be done in this very seldomly visited area.

Expedition Itinerary:

  1. A Capital Beginning: Our odyssey commences in the capital, a melting pot of diverse adventurers. The bonds forged here will be the bedrock of our collective endeavour.
  2. The Mystique of Surama: Delve deep into the cultural tapestry of Surama village. From arrival will amalgamate crucial expedition training and impromptu village explorations, setting the tone for the adventure ahead.
  3. Trekking the Untamed: Gird yourselves for a riveting journey through the wilderness. As we venture deeper each day, the dusk will find us setting up camp amidst the serenading wilderness, the mountains ever beckoning.
  4. Deciphering Ancient Secrets: Once we reach our desired distance in the mountains, we make a base camp from which we can explore the area lightly packed. We can hike up mountains never visted by guests, go fishing for wolffish, and go out and look for some of the fascinating wildlife that roams these secluded mountains.

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Things to Consider Before Booking:

Let it be known that this is an expedition not for the faint-hearted. The physical rigours are real, and nature offers no guarantees of unearthing the remnants of the old village. This is pure, unbridled exploration at its finest. Team spirit is paramount, with every participant integral to tasks like setting up and maintaining camps, cooking, and sharing collective responsibilities. The journey may be demanding, but knowledge and experience are unparalleled rewards.

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16th Jan – 28th Jan 2025


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