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4x4 Off-Road Adventures In Guyana

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Experience the unparalleled thrill of 4X4 Off-Road Adventures in Guyana in Guyana. The Rupununi Savannah and Rainforest provide an exceptional backdrop for your off-road escapade. Led by a professional team comprising driving instructors, mechanics, and medics, you’ll venture on one of the most thrilling 4X4 experiences imaginable. We offer a variety of off-road vehicles and ATVs, ensuring a unique adventure. Along the journey, there will be opportunities to visit ranches and lodges and rest at vehicle camps, complete with hammocks and Bashas. We offer this adventure upon request, and it can be an additional package to existing or customised trips. Reach out, and let’s chart your experience!

Your 4X4 Off-road Exploration Awaits

Our 4X4 off-road adventures in Guyana present a rich blend of learning, challenging drives, and sheer fun. Our driving instructors, native to Rupununi, bring with them invaluable local knowledge, ensuring you an unforgettable off-road journey. You can commence your trip from Georgetown, navigating the renowned Georgetown to Lethem road, or fly directly to Lethem to rendezvous with our team and set out for the Savannah.

Lethem offers a plethora of options:

  • Dive into the South Rupununi Savannah, renowned for its labyrinthine grid of roads and numerous creeks and rivers to traverse.
  • Experience the Rupununi Savannah, bordered by boundless rainforests, offering incredibly technical driving experiences.
  • And for the pros, the Pakaraima mountains await highly technical terrains. However, they’re accessible only during the dry season. Regardless of the choice, be ready for a hands-on experience, which includes digging, pushing, wrenching, and other exhilarating activities. Prepare to embrace the mud!

Dry Season vs. Wet Season

While we offer wet season adventures, the challenges of mud, river depths, and accessibility can make driving arduous. We recommend the dry season or the transitional period, typically from late September to early April, for an optimal experience.

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4x4 off-road adventure in the Rupununi is highly customizable and can be changed and fitted exactly to your needs. Maybe you want to add it as a short extension to one of our existing trips, or maybe you just want to come for the off-road. This is up to you! No matter what you choose, the off-road experience in Rupununi is one of the wildest and most diverse one can get, and you can be sure to get a lot of hands-on experience with challenging driving. Remember, here we all get out and dig, push, and shove. This is not a passive discipline to move a vehicle through this terrain. Among all the amazing driving experiences we
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The Trip Highlights

Expert Guidance

Wilderness Skills Training

Isolation Challenge

Diverse Wildlife Encounters

Aerial Rainforest Views

Cultural Immersion

7-Day Off-road Adventure in Rupununi Itinerary

Location: Georgetown, Guyana
Begin your journey in Georgetown. The team gathers, addresses any queries, and preps for the expedition.

Location: Rupununi, Guyana
We ensure you get top-notch 4×4 vehicles with an option to upgrade. The varied terrains of Rupununi offer an unforgettable experience. The Amazon rainforest is known for its rugged trails and small bridges.

Location: Rupununi, Guyana
We begin our adventure early, heading to our base at the Ecolodge. Here, you’ll be introduced to survival basics— from fire-making and water purification to setting up hammocks and using traditional tools. Theoretical teachings on survival psychology, jungle dangers, and local wildlife will prepare you for more profound jungle adventures.

Location: Georgetown, Guyana
The journey culminates in Lethem, and then we fly back to Georgetown to rest before your onward trip.

No Prior Experience? No Problem!

Whether you’re a complete novice stepping into the wild for the first time or an advanced survivalist looking to perfect your skills, our jungle survival expeditions are tailored just for you!

If you have any further questions, contact Anders below, he is hapy to discuss any fitness/skill concerns.

Curious about the Amazon's Secrets?

Have questions? Embark on a pre-adventure chat and learn all about our trips. Get firsthand insights and answers directly from our founder, Anders.

Anders is here to guide you through every thrilling detail. Set up your time on Calendly now.

"Our off-road adventure in Rupununi is exceptional. Imagine vast untouched Savannahs intersected by meandering trails. The rainforest provides thrilling drives, while the northern Pakaraima mountains promise challenges even for seasoned 4x4 enthusiasts."​

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