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Extreme Jungle Survival

The Extreme Jungle Survival Journey

Are you searching for the most intense jungle survival experience? Our extreme jungle survival course, designed for our classic jungle survival course graduates, includes a refresher, an extended isolation phase, and a self-navigation task towards civilisation with only a map, compass, and bearing.

Please refer to our first course for those yet to complete our classic jungle survival course or the Bushmasters UK classic jungle survival or extreme jungle survival course here.

Phase One: Refresher At our Rock Landing training base, we’ll refresh your crucial survival skills, such as fire lighting, fishing, and more. The training can be personalised to enhance your weaker areas. We’ll also teach essential navigation skills for the final jungle journey and ensure you are familiar with the safety rules for exploring deeper into the Guyanese jungle.

Phase Two: Isolation In this prolonged isolation phase, maintaining your daily routines of gathering water, keeping the fire, and catching fish will be crucial. This phase is not the end but a setup for the upcoming journey. Early preparation with adequate food, materials, and devices will be essential to complete the challenge.

Phase Three: Navigation and Rescue Equipped with basic gear, a map, and a basic GPS to display coordinates, you’ll navigate the forest independently, regularly re-evaluating your position. The aim is to reach a pre-decided location where the rescue team will be waiting.

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The Trip Highlights

Expert Guidance

Wilderness Skills Training

Isolation Challenge

Diverse Wildlife Encounters

Aerial Rainforest Views

Cultural Immersion

15-Day Full Extreme Jungle Survival Itinerary

Meets the group at a hotel in Georgetown, the capital. We’ll address any questions or concerns on the first night before departing to the interior. 

No meals included. Sleep in a shared room

The vastness of Guyana’s rainforests will be revealed after taking off from Ogle airport in a small prop plane. We’ll land in the tiny village of Surama, and you’ll be introduced to our staff and equipped with essential jungle survival gear.

Meals: Lunch and dinner included. Sleep: Shared rooms

Days are spent refreshing jungle survival skills with opportunities for individualised training. Additionally, we’ll introduce new skills like navigation, load carrying, forest movement, and communication.

In this extended isolation phase, you’ll be dropped off deep into the jungle with a belt kit. The instructors and guides will retreat to a safety camp. Establishing a system that guarantees adequate sleep, water, food, and warmth is essential.

The following day, and we’ll journey back to Georgetown for one final night in town.

No meals included. Sleep in a shared room

On the last day, we bid our farewells, and participants continue their journey home or to their next destination.

No meals included No accommodation included.

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"Our extreme jungle survival course tests our participants to their limits. Combining survival and navigation, it offers one of the most comprehensive jungle survival experiences."​

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