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How to prepare for a tropical expedition: Top Tips

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How to prepare for a tropical expedition. Expeditions and adventure tourism need a good amount of preparation – especially if you haven’t undertaken this type of thing before. The last thing you’ll want is to turn up in a remote location with no idea what you’re doing. 

To help you get prepared effectively, we’ve put together a few simple steps you can follow to get ready for your tropical expedition. We have years of experience dealing with some of the Earth’s most extreme environments, and we’re happy to share that expertise with you.

Let’s take a look.


The first thing you need to do before you book your place on a tropical expedition is to do a bit of research. 

Find out as much as you can about where you’re going: what the climate is like, what language the people speak, what flora and fauna you can expect, what the natural hazards may be. 

It’s important to do this research so you can get yourself prepared, both mentally and physically, for what you’re up against. For example, if you’re not expecting high levels of humidity, a jungle survival course in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest might not be the most pleasant experience.

Get yourself mentally prepared for a worst-case scenario by going over the potential risks you’ll face and coming up with some solutions. Find out the address and contact details of your country’s embassy in case you need help. 

Thriving under the tough conditions you’ll encounter in the tropics has a lot to do with having the right mindset. If you plan ahead and know what to expect, you’ll be less likely to panic or stress out if something isn’t going the way expected.


If you book your trip well in advance, you’ll give yourself plenty of time to get your body in peak condition for your adventure holiday. 

Don’t get us wrong – we’re not saying you need to be a personal trainer or a professional body-builder. But you’ll want to make sure your body is prepared for the physical tasks at hand when you’re on an expedition.

We recommend training by going for long walks or hikes over rougher terrain, ideally with a weight on your back to replicate the kit you’ll be transporting during the expedition. This is also a good opportunity to get better at navigating without the use of tech like your smartphone or Google Maps.

If you take yourself on some tough treks closer to home, your body will go through the aches, burns, aches and blisters that you’ll otherwise get during your expedition. It might be a bit uncomfortable, but it’s certainly better to face them from the comfort of home than it is during the hardest parts of the expedition!


When you’re trying to survive in the wilderness, your kit bag will be your saving grace. So, get prepared ahead of time by buying the right equipment for your expedition. 

Use the research you’ve already done to write a specific kit list based on where you’re going and what you’re doing. Pack according to the activities you have planned – and try not to overfill your bag. You want to make sure you have enough space left after packing the essentials to stash anything you’ll pick up during your trip. 

When packing your belongings, always ask yourself if you really need to take it with you. If the answer is no, it should stay home. 

Choosing a Backpack

When choosing a bag for your expedition, keep things simple. You want something strong and robust, but you don’t need it to be covered in straps to compress your gear – these will only get in your way. 

Ex-military gear is always a good choice, as it’s strong and sturdy but without any unnecessary extras. 


Once you’ve purchased all your gear, it’s a good idea to try it all out at least a few times before you head on your tropical expedition. You want to get your body used to it – break it all in, like you would a new pair of shoes (while we’re on the subject, make sure you break in the boots you plan to take!).

This is also a good opportunity to learn how to use some of the gear you might be less familiar with. Have a practice with your fire lighting equipment, and try out your new machete on some old weeds in the garden. 


Knowing how to prepare for a tropical expedition – or really any kind of expedition – will put you in the best position for your trip. Jungle survival holidays, vaquero experiences or ranch vacations can be hard work, and it’s a good idea to prepare yourself, body and mind, for what you’re going to do. 

Once you’re fighting fit and have your kit list written out, you’re ready to book your place on an exciting expedition to the tropics – and that’s where we come in!

Here at the Wild Tales, we run all kinds of exciting trips and expeditions. Whether you want to spend two weeks in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest or you want to experience life as a vaquero (an authentic Guyanese cowboy), we run trips that you’ll love. 

Fill in our contact form to find out more information or to book onto one of our Amazon adventures. To find out more about Guyana you can visit the GTA.

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