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Embark on an adventure holiday of a lifetime with The Wildtales Inc. Our specialty lies in curating exhilarating and unique experiences that push the boundaries of conventional travel. From navigating through dense rainforests to conquering rugged mountain terrains, every journey we design is infused with thrilling challenges and unforgettable experiences. Our bespoke adventure holidays are tailored to satiate the wanderlust of thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike, offering a perfect blend of excitement, exploration, and unparalleled adventure in the world’s most breathtaking and remote destinations


Here at the Wild Tales, we offer all sorts of adventure holidays. From trail rides in the Guyana's savannah and survival courses in the heart of the Amazon to island shipwreck experiences and desert adventures in ancient Jordan, we’ve got something to suit everyone. But we’re also well aware that adventure travel isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. Some people might love the idea of jungle combat and extreme jungle isolation, while others might prefer to explore the wilds of the Amazon with the added security of a guided tour. We can help you plan an adventure holiday to tick off everything on your wishlist. We’ll make it as challenging or as easy as you want – push yourself to the extreme and test your willpower, or enjoy a more chilled-out break. The choice is yours.


For more information about our totally bespoke adventure holidays, send us a message. Try to give us as much detail as possible about what you’re looking for – where you want to go, what you want to see, how far you want to push yourself. We’ll start planning a trip to your exact specifications, so the more detail you can give us, the better. Planning your own Wild Tales adventure is a fantastic way to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime. Contact us to get started.


Get in touch to learn more about planning your adventure holiday or survival course. We have some great destinations and activities available in Guyana – we’re happy to advise if you have any questions about our trips or want more information. So drop us a line to find out more. As long as you give us precise information about what kind of challenge you’re looking for or the type of environment you’re keen to explore, we can put together the perfect trip for you. Trek through the jungle, rafting in dug-out canoes, fish for piranha, catch your dinner, go on expeditions, climb forest-covered mountains or round up cows in a traditional ranch. Camp out in a portaledge on the side of a giant tepui, go white-water rafting, rappel out of a helicopter into a jungle river or climb up a 750-foot waterfall. Whatever type of adventure you’re looking for, we can plan a trip that puts you front and centre.

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