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Extreme Jungle Survival


Our extreme jungle survival course is one of the most thorough and intense survival courses that can be bought as a civilian. This is an extension to our survival course for participants who have successfully participated in the classic jungle survival course. Participants will endure extended isolation and must find their way back through the virgin rainforest to finally meet up to be evacuated back to civilisation.



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Jungle survival refresher

Extreme Jungle Survival in the Virgin rain forests of Guyana, South America. It might be a while since you completed the jungle survival course, so to be sure, there will be time to refresh skills in the group and one on one with our instructors. We will also add new skills that equip participants to walk out at the end of the course. This will be basic navigation skills, how to use a map and compass.


Like the classic jungle survival, course participants will be dropped off at their isolation spots with their belt kit and skills to survive the jungle. The isolation phase has been extended on this course, making it crucial to upkeep all your systems and mental and physical state. As the path will lead to a self-evacuation phase, part of this should be used to prepare preserved food, carry devices, and ensure that participants can endure the final cut.

Getting out alive

In the final part of the extreme jungle survival course, participants will be collected and carried deep into the rainforest. Here they will be dropped off and start their journey of returning to an agreed extraction location. Moving through the forest is not easy, and doing it while already having survived the jungle for almost a week will most definitely challenge even hardcore survivalists.

What is included?

  • 17 Meals 
  • 15 Days / 14 nights (2 at the hotel, two at Ecolodge, and 10 in the jungle) 
  • Domestic flights with 25LB included luggage 
  • Boats, Guides, and survival instructors for a stay in the jungle 
  • Village fee
  • Kit for jungle see below 

What is not provided?

  • International airfare 
  • Meals in the capital (Georgetown)
  • Taxi from airport to the capitol (cost approx. 70 USD each way)
  • Alcohol 
  • Excess luggage for domestic flight 
  • Tips for guides (Is paid collectively to one portion and shared equally among guides) 
  • Personal travel insurance (Will have to be sent in advance)
  • Cost of medical clearance (If needed) 
  • Malaria Prophylaxis (Consult personal doctor) 
  • Anything not mentioned in the document

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