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Jungle Survival Kit: What Should You Keep In Your Survival Backpack?

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Jungle Survival Kit: What Should You Keep In Your Survival Backpack? When you’re exploring the rainforests of Guyana, it’s vital that you have a well-packed bag. You definitely don’t want to find yourself lacking something that you might end up needing!

If you’re planning a jungle expedition and aren’t sure what to pack, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

We at the Wild Tales are jungle survival experts, so we’ve compiled a list of a few essentials to help you get the gear you need for your rainforest adventure.


Finding a source of safe drinking water is one of the biggest challenges in any survival situation, and the jungle is no different. If you don’t keep hydrated, everything else becomes far more difficult, so finding clean water is a must. 

It’s not always easy to understand what’s safe and what’s not, so an easy way to drink clean water is just to carry some with you. 

Obviously, though, it’s not always possible to carry all the water you need with you. In these instances, it’s a good idea to pack a light and dependable water filter. Do some research before you travel and buy a filter that lets you turn dirty river water into something clean enough to drink. 

Don’t forget to pack a container for you to store water in – a bottle. Make sure it’s made from a suitable material. Stainless steel is a safe bet, and choosing an option that’s well insulated is also a good idea. Read up on the different options and make a selection that suits your needs.


A Machete is a pretty essential piece of kit in the jungle environment. From cutting a path through the undergrowth to preparing food or making tools from natural materials, a sharp knife can be used to make your time in the rainforest a whole lot easier.

There can be all manner of dangers lurking in the undergrowth of the jungle, so using a Machete to push your way through instead of just your hands can keep you safe from harm. 

If you’ve got room in your pack, bring a file to keep your machete or knife sharp – a blunt knife will be no good to you.


A map is a real luxury if you’re heading into the jungle. If you have one, fantastic – bring it along!

But whether you’re travelling with or without a map, a compass can help you get your bearings. Compasses rely on the Earth’s magnetic core to work, so you won’t need to charge or maintain it to keep it working – it’ll just work. 

Even with a compass, navigating the jungle relies on you having at least a basic understanding of your position before making any journeys. If you’re leaving your base camp to find water or food, try to make a mental note of any landmarks around you – things like clearings or rivers are great for this. 

Use these points as a frame of reference and use your compass to track which direction you’re heading in – this will help you find your way back.


Being able to start a fire is crucial in jungle survival situations. A fire will let you cook your food and keep you warm – and can also keep any unwanted animal visitors away. 

Waterproof firekit are a pretty good failsafe, but you should have a backup plan in case you lose them or run out. There are plenty of firestarters on the market, so do some research and practise with it before you head into the rainforest.


The right gear isn’t the only thing you need to survive in an extreme environment like the rainforest. You also need survival skills and the right mental attitude to get you through a challenging situation like this. 

That’s where we come in!

We run fantastic jungle survival courses in the very depths of the Guyanese rainforest. We’ll teach you everything you need to survive in a rainforest environment. After a survival skills crash course, we’ll throw you in at the deep end and let you fend for yourself. 

Fill in our contact form to find out more information or to book onto one of our Amazon adventures. To find out more about Guyana you can visit the GTA.

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