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Trekking in Guyana: A Pristine Jungle Odyssey

Mountain trekking in Guyana

Embarking on a trekking adventure in Guyana isn’t just a journey; it’s an expedition into some of Earth’s last untouched wildernesses. Imagine setting foot where few have tread, in landscapes virtually uncharted and teeming with life. That’s the essence of trekking in Guyana.

Trekking in Guyana

Our curated treks range from the accessible to the extreme, inviting both novices and seasoned trekkers alike. You can ascend to remote mountain vistas, roam through vast jungle flats, uncover archaeological wonders, or trace the faint paths of ancient tribes—all within the embrace of the world’s most vibrant rainforest.

Group of particiaants heading out on mountain expedition

Tailored Trekking Experiences

We host singular expeditions aimed at specific goals alongside regular treks available throughout the trekking season. Our adventures often commence from Georgetown, progressing with a thrilling prop plane journey to an indigenous village. There, under the guidance of the country’s finest, you’ll be outfitted and briefed for the trek ahead.

Stories being told in the jungle of Guyana

Journey with Experts

Trekking in Guyana is an endeavor that demands respect for the elements and expertise in navigation. Our guides and tour leaders, selected for their unrivaled knowledge and experience, ensure a trek that’s as safe as it is exhilarating.

Immersive Jungle Living

As we journey, our days are marked by the rhythms of the jungle. Nights unfurl beneath temporary camps as we impart wilderness skills—from setting up shelters and open-fire cooking to mastering jungle safety and basic navigation. This is wilderness living at its most authentic.

Concluding with Cultural Insights

Our treks often culminate at an indigenous community, home to eco-friendly tourism lodges. It’s here we unwind, sharing experiences and learning from the local wisdom, all while enjoying the simple pleasures of a shower and a sumptuous meal.

Life in a jungle camp in Guyana
Parabara village in Guyana, Rupununi

Leaders in Trekking in Guyana

From coordinating epic expeditions like Lucy Shepherd’s trans-Kanuku journey to arranging accessible treks into the heart of Guyana, we are the connoisseurs of jungle trekking. Whether it’s a challenge you seek or a peaceful sojourn among ancient giants, reach out to discuss your ideal trek. Stay tuned for our year-round offerings and let’s chart a course for your next adventure. If you are planning an expedition, needs training or simply just want to hear more about the options, get in touch with us. We know how to make it possible. 

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