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Guyana’s Remote Tribes: An expedition to the Wai Wai

Travelling to reach wai wai one of Guyana's remote tribes

Guyana, a land veiled in verdant mystery, indeed harbours remote tribes, albeit not in the manner many might expect. While a significant 90% of Guyana’s population clusters along the coastal regions, a sparse 10% are sprinkled throughout the country’s interior.

Yet, even this modest percentage predominantly resides near smaller towns or along the artery that is the Georgetown to Lethem road. Amidst this scattered distribution, nine remaining Amerindian tribes persist, some nestled in the most secluded corners of Guyana.

The Wai Wai tribe one of Guyana's remote tribes

Take, for instance, the Wai Wai tribe of Masekanari in Southern Guyana. A modest community of approximately 350 souls, they dwell amidst 650,000 hectares of pristine rainforest. Reaching this secluded village could be a 3-5 day odyssey overland, traversing intrepid jungle paths and navigating virgin river systems. Or, one may opt for a flight, lending a more direct, albeit still adventurous, route.

View over Masakenari village in Wai Wai

Guyana has 9 indigenous tribes

Equally secluded are the Patamona tribe another of Guyana’s remote tribes, perched within the Pakaraima Mountains, accessible primarily by air, standing as sentinels overlooking untouched horizons, but let us get back to them in another blog as they deserve their own introduction.

Wai Wai cleaning a fish on expedition. One of Guyana's remote tribes

Intact indigenous traditions

Visiting these remote tribes of Guyana is nothing short of extraordinary. These communities, largely self-reliant, have fiercely preserved their rich traditions, cultural heritage, and symbiotic connection with the surrounding forest and wildlife. The resilience of these tribes is as commendable as their warm community spirit, making any excursion to their lands an indelibly impactful experience.

Not easy getting there

Our signature annual excursions offer a gateway to these remote tribes. Some are comprehensive overland journeys, while others utilise flights for more time-efficient sojourns. Regardless of the means, the end is a voyage that invariably surpasses expectations.

Expedition to reach Guyana's remote tribes

Our journeys are more than mere visits; they are collaborative efforts with the tribes. These partnerships offer communities sustainable tourism opportunities and a platform to share their stories and way of life with the wider world. And for our guests, it’s a rare chance to witness lifestyles intertwined with nature in one of the planet’s last frontiers.

Fishing in Wai Wai territory

A true bucket list adventure

We invite you to explore our upcoming trips to meet Guyana’s remote tribes. Should you wish for a bespoke adventure, we’re more than happy to discuss tailor-made options. Curious about what we have planned for the future? Get in touch for a chat about upcoming itineraries and to learn how you can be part of these exceptional journeys. We have Scheduled dates every year and you are more than welcome to join on of th expeditions. Buckle up for a wild expedition. This is truly a life changing experience.

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