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Wildlife tours in guyana: Off the beaten track

Yellow banded posion dart frog under wildlife tours in Guyana

Embarking on wildlife tours in Guyana can be an exhilarating challenge, not least because of the sheer abundance and variety of experiences on offer. As you set out to explore the unspoiled natural habitats, it’s important to embrace the unpredictability that comes with wildlife spotting.

Wildlife, by its very nature, ensures that no two tours are ever the same. There’s always an element of fortune involved—today, a vibrant toucan may grace your path, and tomorrow, if luck smiles upon you, a rare sighting of a majestic jaguar may occur. Such is the thrill of wildlife tours in Guyana.

Diverse eco systems

For an enriched experience, we recommend diversifying your itinerary. Spend several days, if possible, across different ecosystems. From the dense, mist-shrouded rainforests to the sweeping Savannah wetlands, each distinct habitat offers a unique wildlife spectacle.

Sunset over surama eco lodge under wildlife tours in Guyana
View from Surama Eco lodge, North Rupununi

Wildlife tours in Guyana, Rupununi

The Rupununi region stands out as a premier destination for wildlife tours in Guyana. This ecological treasure trove hosts a mosaic of environments including wetlands, deep jungle, swamps, mountainous forests, and expansive river systems. Within just a few hours’ travel, you can transition between these varied landscapes. Allocating 7-10 days allows for an in-depth exploration, enhancing your chances of encountering the region’s diverse fauna. Luxurious lodges serve as your base, with daily expeditions led by seasoned guides skilled in unveiling the hidden secrets of the wild.

Tapir crossing the Burro Burro river near Surama

Off the beaten path

For those who wish to delve deeper into the heart of Guyana’s wilderness, a dedicated jungle expedition promises an unforgettable adventure. Our signature Burro Burro canoe journey and Jungle Wildlife excursions take you into seldom-visited regions teeming with life, where the elusive tapir roams and anacondas slide silently through the waters.

There is types of wildlife tours in Guyana for everyone

Regardless of your wildlife aspirations, it’s crucial to manage expectations and discuss your hopes candidly with your tour provider. Our expertise and local knowledge ensure we can guide you towards the wildlife encounters you desire.

Get in touch with us to navigate the myriad of choices for wildlife tours in Guyana. With our guidance, you’re sure to embark on a journey that fulfils your wildlife-watching dreams. 

Taking picture of snake in Guyana
Heron resting in tree top in Guyana

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